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About Blackpool FC

Blackpool Football Club is an English football club from the city of the same name. It was founded in 1887. The club’s home stadium is Bloomfield Road,. Traditional club colors are orange and white.

Blackpool has a fundamental rivalry in the form of the Preston North End Club. Their standoff is also known as West Lancashire Derby.

Blackpool player Stanley Matthews won the first ever Golden Ball in 1956.

“Tangerines” (the nickname of the club due to the orange color of the form) were founded on July 26, 1887. From the moment the team was founded until 1930, Blackpool could not enter the elite division of English football, speaking only in the Second Division of the country. And in that same 1930, the club was in the First Division for the first time in history. However, after four seasons, due to their poor game, the Primors came back to the rank below. Only a few years later they managed to gain a foothold among the strongest clubs in England and play with them on equal terms until the outbreak of World War II.

After the war, the “tangerines” continued their glorious performance in the First Division. And in 1953 they won their first trophy at all; the FA Cup obeyed them. In the wake of this success, after 3 seasons Blackpool achieved a record for today, they took second place in the national championship.